MACA Making A Change Abroad: Sport for Change Programme

The MACA programme known as Making a Change Abroad was devised by Dean Ashton from saha and David Richardson and Karl Lofthouse from RV projects.

The concept of the programme was to enable candidates to learn more about themselves, through personal development and sport leadership, using sport as a vehicle to work in conjunction with job specific preparation.

The programme was split into two categories. In the first 6 weeks of the programme Learners gained an insight into sports participation and how to coach a variety of sports such as football, handball and Squash. The candidates identified leaderships skills and finally put these acquired skills into practice, where they will conduct a final sports session of their own, which was assessed by the peer mentors of the group. The Learners progressed onto other scenarios that required further organisation such as planning tournaments and coordinating events.

The transition into developing employability skills was made clear when we took the volunteer group to the Lake District. Candidates would complete a personal development course which was aimed at developing employability skills. The Learners will adapt to living on their own such as cooking meals, budgeting money, and encouraging team work within the programme.

The final process of the programme candidates will volunteer abroad in a place city called Izmit in the country of Turkey, this is where candidates take part in a variety of roles and scenarios which will be sport specific, with an aspect of personal development. Working with a variety of age groups and social status to promote sport and offer opportunities to participate.

The purpose is to Make A Change Abroad, to identify personal progression and gain key life skills which can support individuals into employment and greater independence. Finishing the course will hopefully motivate Learners to better themselves in the U.K and gain a realisation of what they need to do to break down individual barriers and compete in a competitive working environment.