Saha have been running a national homeless football tournament (Street2Feet) in partnership with Streetgames for homeless projects nationally within the the U.K. The Street2feet football tournament is provided annually in April/May and has been offering this tournament since 2010.

The Concept of Street2feet attracted the initial interest of sport and showcased how it changes lives through a working team ethos where everyone is equal. The building block to the creation of a more consistent format. E.Quality F.C. was the brain child of this event and support from Manchester F.A. and homelesslink supported staff to get this club off the ground in 2012.

We continue to provide tournaments as a volunteer progression, whilst promoting the power of sport at these events. E.Quality F.C. hope to provide a holistic learning experience, directed  in the right way to help participants gain essential skills.

Once the league had been established, effective planning and research gained from national programmes was required to secure sustainability. The aim was to support participants with further opportunities which allowed staff to buy into this programme.

E.Quality F.C. match days are offered on the last Thursday and Wednesday of the month and current offers this programme in Manchester and Southampton.

Saha was the main contributor to the creation of E.Quality F.C., After 3 years of running E.Quality F.C. we have been awarded doorstep sport club funding from StreetGames for the next 4 years, which has allowed us to break down potential barriers that could effect participation. We are now kicking on to make sure E.Quality F.C. lives on and sticks to the ethos of providing a realistic experience, which imbeds leadership development to support participants into greater independence and employment.

Now the club will be known as a Doorstep sports club offering free sport at the right time, right place and right style.