How to change your text size

Some users with certain visual impairments may find that the default text size of websites make them difficult to read. All of the text elements of the Camberley Theatre site can be expanded by making use of browser functionality, as set out below.

How to change your text size in different web browsers

You can use the Large Text option on the top navigation bar of this site or alternatively, depending on your internet browser, you canfollowing the instructions below.

For Internet Explorer browsers

Press ‘ Ctrl ‘ and ‘ + ‘ to increase the text size, ‘ Ctrl ‘ and ‘ – ‘ to decrease the text size. ‘ Ctrl ‘ and ‘ 0 ‘ returns you to the default size.

For Firefox browsers

For Opera browsers

For Google Chrome browsers

For Safari browsers

Other browser software will make use of similar functionality, most likely available from the “View” option or equivalent.

For more detailed information on changing your text size options permanently and for other accessibility settings available, please visit the BBC’s
accessibility pages Opens in a new window

Text Contrast

Certain users may need to alter the default combination of black text on a white or light green background that is used on the Surrey Heath website. If necessary, the combination of background and text colour can be controlled in the following way:

Internet Explorer

Google Chrome browser

The Chrome browser supports assistive technology including some screen readers and magnifiers. It offers people with low vision a number of tools, including full-page zoom and high-contrast color. In addition, Chrome Extensions are extra features and functionality that you can easily add to your Chrome browser to customize it with functionality you need. There are many extensions which improve accessibility or which help developers create accessible web applications, such as ChromeVox, ChromeShades, and ChromeVis.


Mozilla Firefox


Plain English

We aim to use plain language throughout the site and try to avoid using unnecessary jargon and acronyms.


We provide a text alternative for all images on the website.